Adil Bebe performs its production activities in its own production facilities. It aims to continue to provide services to you, distinguished customers, with the importance and sensitivity it shows in production, today and tommorow.

Adil Bebe continues to produce Underwear and Clothing for Babies & Children aged 0-3 + 0-14 in its production facilities established on a closed area of 500 m2 in İkitelli. The production capacity in the departments of cutting, sewing, printing and quality control is 500.000 products per year.

With the conscioussness that it manufactures products to be in contact with the sensitive skins of babies, Adil Bebe meets all kinds of health-related requirements. None of its products includes substances that carcicogenic and/or harmful for the skin. Poppers it uses on its products are in conformity with the European standarts and they do not cause allergy on baby's skin.

Although it exports 90% of its production and it sells a minor percent in the domestic market, it has obtained an important share in the domestic market, thanks to the importance it places on the customers satisfaction as well as the production principles.

Adil Bebe, which produces underwear and clothing for babies and children in 20 different models, develops new products every season with its planning and design departments, including many stylists, modelling (moulding) and model machine users. Adil Bebe aims at being one of the companies leading fashion, through its computer- supported design department, which will enter into operation very soon.

Adil Bebe, one of the leading companies in its sector with its experience of 12 years, aims at being one of the leading companies of both Turkey and the region, in the underwear and clothing of babies-children aged between 0-3+ 0- 14, as a result of its efforts in terms of institutionalization.

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